UİD-DER’s New Year Message to IWSN

Our dear Iranian class brothers/sisters,

The year 2014 has passed under heavy attacks of the bourgeoisie directed at the working class all over the world. These attacks have been multiplied by imperialist wars. Especially in the Middle East in which we are placed, our class has come under these attacks in the harshest way, which are still continuing.

Undoubtedly the working class has not been silent in the face of these attacks. In Iran, Turkey and elsewhere class struggle is on the rise. We know the attacks of the bourgeoisie and the imperialist war will continue in 2015 as well. Also we know the only force able to stop this is the conscious and organised working class.

With this in mind we must turn 2015 into a year of struggle in a much more organised way. Our problems are common. And our goal is same: to overthrow capitalism which makes the working class and toilers at large suffer these pains, and build a classless world without exploitation, in which we will be able to live in peace!

In the person of IWSN we wish the year 2015 to be a year full of struggle for our Iranian class brothers/sisters, in the hope that 2015 will be a milestone on the road to build this new world which is our common goal.

Long live international struggle of the working class!

Long live socialism!

Association of International Workers’ Solidarity (UİD-DER)

1 January 2015