. To our Iranian class brothers/sisters: Our sufferings are common, so are the enemies! | Association of International Workers' Solidarity

To our Iranian class brothers/sisters: Our sufferings are common, so are the enemies!

Dear Iranian class brothers/sisters,

We feel in our heart, together with you, the grief for the disaster caused by the big earthquake. Hundreds of deaths sacrificed for capitalism and thousands of injured makes us deeply sad. We send our condolences to all our Iranian class brothers/sisters.

We know that capitalist system of exploitation is the chief culprit to blame for the sheer number of deaths caused by events that are called natural disasters. Bourgeois politicians and capitalist owners of property are directly to blame for the destruction and loss of lives caused by these disasters. We also know that unless this order of exploitation is overthrown and a new social order is established, based on the interests of workers and toilers at large, that is, of the overwhelming majority of society, an order ruled by themselves, there will be no end to these sufferings and sacrifices to capitalism.

We learned that most of the victims lost their lives in housing estates built particularly for the poor and in public buildings. This is no surprise for us, since we witnessed the same thing in the earthquakes in Turkey. Despite the difference in their religions and nationalities, the rulers act in the same callousness and greed against workers and toilers. Does not this similarity alone prove that all toilers of the world, regardless of their religion, nationality, race etc., must wage a common struggle against capitalist exploiters?

We know that it is not earthquakes, floods etc. but capitalism that kills. So let us all together heighten the struggle to kill capitalism, and strengthen the international unity and solidarity of the working class.

Long live class solidarity!

Down with capitalism!

UID-DER (Association of International Workers’ Solidarity)

18 November 2017