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International Solidarity with the DHL Express Strike

The strike of DHL Express workers who were dismissed because of getting organised by joining TUMTIS, an affiliate of TURK-IS, has reached its 9th month. The striking workers waging a struggle to get reinstated despite all kinds of repression were visited by ITF and ETF union officials on March 29. During the visit to the picket it was emphasized by the ITF, representing 19 million transport workers around the world, that DHL workers were not alone.

Union officials from ITF and ETF, Kathleen van Brempt, member of the European Parliament, and international trade union delegation formed by young transport workers from various countries of the world were there to offer their solidarity to the struggle of DHL Express workers. In addition to the international support there were different unions that are affiliated to other confederations from Turkey as well. Striving to strengthen the unity, solidarity and struggle of the international working class, UİD-DER was also present in the visit.

The first take floor in the visit was TUMTIS President Kenan Öztürk. Reminding UPS and DHL Lojistik experiences, Öztürk said that DHL Express strike acquired an international dimension through the ITF and ETF visit. Öztürk indicated that they have won UPS and DHL Lojistik struggle thanks to international solidarity and determination, “We will win through solidarity and through struggle here again” said. Öztürk emphasized that workers would continue their struggle until the hostility towards the union ends and the dismissed workers get reinstated. He said that they have won UPS and DHL Lojistik struggle thanks to the international solidarity and determination, “we will win here again through solidarity and through struggle.”

Stating that they represent 42 affiliated unions from 32 countries across the world, ETF President Frank Moreels called on DHL management to give up the hostility towards union and workers. Moreels who brought greetings from millions of transport workers to DHL Express workers, congratulated the striking workers for their courage. Moreels said that ITF and ETF would not stop offering their support to DHL Express workers. And he finished his speech by saying “We will win this battle. Solidarity, brothers and sisters!”

Kathleen van Brempt, who said she was a dock worker’s daughter and proud to be with DHL Express workers, emphasized that democracy was not just about voting. Brempt, who stated that democracy also meant separation of powers, freedom of press and union rights, said that they would try to publicize the DHL Express workers’ rightful struggle in Europe.

Türk-İş Chair for Region 1, Adnan Uyar, also spoke during the visit. He pointed out that unity of workers and their solidarity against global capital must be on an international level. “Should labour and its representatives act in unity, labour will certainly win,” he added. He stated that, as Türk-İş, they would stand by DHL Express workers. After the press statement, pictures were taken and the crowd shouted out the slogan, “Long Live Class Solidarity!”

11 April 2018