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Workers in UID-DER: “NO to this Faulty Order!”

As a fighting organisation of workers, UID-DER prepared for the May Day conducting a work in workplaces and working-class neighbourhoods with the main slogan “NO to this Faulty Order!” The result was a massive and enthusiastic column in Istanbul Maltepe. In UID-DER column workers raised voices against exploitation, wars, anti-democratic measures, repression and persecution, state of emergency, one-man regime.

Before the march UID-DER set up its own platform and carried out its own May Day celebration programme in the gathering point. The enthusiasm of organised, determined and class conscious workers got applause from all workers contingents passing by. They were hailed by the presenters from the platform: “Hail to all brothers/sisters coming from factories, other workplaces, pickets, neighbourhoods, and schools! May Day is a day of the working class for international unity, struggle and solidarity. Happy May Day to the working class in Turkey and the whole working class of the world!” At the beginning of the programme a minute of silence was held for all class brothers/sisters whom we lost in the past May Days in the struggle for a world without exploitation. “Their struggle is ours. And the struggle will never ever end until exploitation is brought to an end, and the earth will be heaven for workers!”

In another part of the programme it was said: “Brothers/Sisters, we say NO to this faulty order! We say NO to human servitude! We say NO to low wages! We say NO to long work hours! We say NO to joblessness, hunger and poverty! We say NO to getting killed and maimed in work accidents! We say NO to unjust wars! We say NO to violence against women, harassment and rape! We say NO to the state of emergency which abolishes democratic rights! We say NO to one-man regime banning strikes! We say NO to political bans, trade-union bans, abolishment of democratic rights!”

During the speeches, participants of UID-DER column often called out slogans such as: “We’ll bring down the capitalist system, we’ll build a classless society”, “NO to the state of emergency, political repression suppression of trade-union rights, suppression of press, demonising of other peoples! Long live our organised struggle”, “Long live the unity of workers, fraternity of peoples”, “No to violence against women, double oppression, gender discrimination! Working women to the struggle!”, “Long live May Day, long live our organised struggle”, “UID-DER marches forward, struggle grows”. They danced the Halay shoulder to shoulder, sang fighting songs and marches. As the presenters in the platform hailed the passing workers’ columns of trade-unions, parties and associations, UID-DER column called out solidarity slogans, which were received with enthusiasm. Speeches, songs and dancing were all welcomed warmly by other participants in other columns around.

After the programme in the gathering place UID-DER column started marching towards the square. The main banner at the front read “NO to this Faulty Order! Stop Exploitation, Poverty, Repression, Unjust Wars”. Women on behalf of the UID-DER Women’s Committee were in the front part of the column carrying their particular banner and placards. Following them were Iranian and Syrian migrant workers with their banners and placards emphasizing international solidarity. In general the column was dominated by young workers and women. At the end of the column was another banner carrying the words: “Workers of all lands, unite!” The discipline, enthusiasm, and harmony in calling out of slogans received attention and interest of surrounding workers. They expressed their appreciation by their various gestures. UID-DER column was again an example of how a workers’ column should be.

After dancing the Halay in different forms and many times and slogans UID-DER column left the square without compromising its discipline. During the march back to the starting point slogans shouted out and songs were sung in continuation of the May Day enthusiasm. Workers and the youth in UID-DER column expressed that there were proud of UID-DER as it upholds the fighting traditions of the working class and that they were determined to fight. They also said they would not submit to repression, and uphold the unity, solidarity and organised struggle of the working class.

1 May 2018