A report about the situation in Ghezelhesar Prison in Karaj


(12.04.2014) Ghezel Hesar prison is the largest state prison in Iran. As of 2011 it was holding about 20,000 prisoners, of which 13,000 were held on drug-related charges – said to be four times its planned capacity. It is located in the city of Karaj, 20 km northwest of the Iranian capital Tehran.

Shahrokh Zamani on hunger strike after transfer to Ghezel Hesar Prison


(05.04.2014) Shahrokh Zamani, a member of the Painters’ Union, was charged with “endangering national security” and “participating in an illegal organisation” by the Iranian regime after he attempted to build an independent trade union. While in prison he has been physically and psychologically abused, denied medication and denied access to visitors.

A Report About “Iran Khodro”

khodro (2).jpg

(08.02.2014) In Iran Khodro you can never say how many workers and employees are working because of the flowing number of workers. Approximately 17000 workers and 8000 employees exist in different positions from which 7000 workers are working in each working shifts. From this 7000 people there are 1000 to 2000 workers who are working overtime.

Profiteering through Massacre of Workers


(31.01.2014) ILNA, 19 January 2014: “Two female workers were killed in a fire that broke out in a textile workshop.” The news was short, but the depth of the disaster was immense. The women who were working out of desperation in dungeons called “workshops” to provide for their working class family, will never return home.

We Condemn Killing and Oppression for Workers in Cambodia!


(30.01.2014) Workers in Cambodia living in extreme poverty, intensity of workers exploitation in Cambodia is the same as Bangladesh. Labour monthly wages are fifty six euro for ten to twelve hours of daily work, whilst inflation was increased by three hundred percent in last two years, which has been recorded by government official department.

Solidarity Message from the Workers at Hacettepe University to the Workers at University of London


(16.01.2014) Our dear class brothers and sisters. We are sending our greetings to you from Hacettepe University, Turkey. We are workers who had been dismissed because of our struggle against injustices created by outsourced work and who were eventually reinstated thanks to our resistance. When we read that you have made achievements in your struggle, it gave us hope and stregth.

Our Struggle Will Continue in Hacettepe

A group of workers from Hacettepe University Hospital in Ankara

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(14.01.2014) We are a group of workers that have been working for a subcontracting company in Hacettepe University Hospital for a long time. Outsourcing is one of the most serious problems we face not only in Turkey but all around the world. Precarious work, long working day, low wages, work accidents and occupational diseases which increase due to spreading of outsourcing while the outsourced workers like us are to shoulder the burden that makes our lives unbearable.

Appeal from Iranian Trade Unions


(13.01.2014) With regards to deterioration of Reza Shahabi’s health which was pointed out in the latest statement of Tehran Bus Transit Workers Union (Syndica Vahed), in the most recent visit of Reza Shahabi with his family, the impact and signs of pain and suffering were sadly apparent on his face.

Appeal from Solidarity Committees with the Iranian Workers’ Movement


(13.01.2014) Reza Shahabi is a prisoner’s worker who alongside being a board’s director is also treasurer for Syndicate of Workers of Tehran and Suburbs Bus Company labour union in Tehran. After being unwell for a long period and a lot of pressure from his family and doctors; he was finally allowed to seek medical help at the hospital.

UID-DER’s Condolence Message to Japanese Workers


(12.01.2014) Dear class brothers and sisters. We have heard that 5 workers have died and 17 workers were injured in an explosion in Mitsubishi plant in Yokkaichi. As UİD-DER we extend our condolences to the families of those who have lost their lives and to the Japanese working class. And we wish a quick recovery for the injured. We share your grief and rage.

Workers’ Organisations and Class Friends from Different Countries Were With Us


(25.12.2013) UID-DER’s campaign on work accidents (Work Accidents are not Destiny, Stop Workers Dying of Work Accidents) has been finalised with a large meeting. The meeting “Forward to Struggle and Solidarity against Work Accidents!” was held in Petrol-İş (Oil, Chemistry and Tyre Workers’ Union) Hall. Among other aspects of the meeting the event witnessed a meaningful example of international class solidarity.

Workers Called Out: “Forward to Struggle and Solidarity against Work Accidents!”


(23.12.2013) The event “Forward to struggle and Solidarity against Wok Accidents” organised by UID-DER in Oil, Chemistry and Tyre Workers’ Union (Petrol-İş) Hall was participated by hundreds of workers from various cities and towns. Workers from working-class neighbourhoods of Adana, Mersin, Ankara, Zonguldak, Karabük, Çorlu, Gebze and İstanbul showed their enthusiastic support for the campaign against work accidents and occupational diseases carried on by UID-DER.

Our Solidarity Message to the Outsourced Workers at University of London


(20.12.2013) Dear class brothers and sisters, We extend our deep feelings of solidarity to you and your determined struggle that you have been waging for long. Outsourcing is spreading all over the world as a way of eliminating the rights of the working class. This problem is one of the biggest problems we are having as workers in Turkey.

International Solidarity Messages to UİD-DER


(18.12.2013) Dear brothers and sisters of UID-DER! Doro-Chiba sends you a heartfelt message. With UID-DER, we have long been developing a close international solidarity as a railway workers union fighting against neoliberal offensive. We earnestly wish a great success of your rally to organize an all-out struggle to fight back capitalist onslaught on working class.

Solidarity Message to Polyacryl Workers


(09.12.2013) As your class brothers/sisters in and around UID-DER, with most heartfelt feelings of solidarity we salute your honourable struggle going on for weeks. As workers from Turkey we want you to know that our hearts are with you. Bosses and their states across the world care only for the calculations they make for more and more profit.

100,000 signatures against work accidents


(26.11.2013) UID-DER’s campaign on work accidents has raised a nationwide interest. Several national newspapers and TV channels covered the issue including Radikal (a nationwide daily newspaper). A columnist, Jale Özgentürk, wrote an article about the campaign and UID-DER. Her article was translated into English and published in Hürriyet Daily News, the oldest English language daily newspaper in Turkey. The following is the English version of Özgentürk’s article published in Hürriyet Daily News.

Great Support from Workers: The 100.000 Signatures Target Achieved!


(28.10.2013) UİD-DER’s campaign, “Work Accidents are not Destiny, Stop Workers Dying of Work Accidents!” has achieved the 100.000 signatures goal. Working masses showed great interest in and supported the campaign which was conducted in many cities and towns, mainly in workers’ neighbourhoods. During the campaign about 500.000 people were contacted face to face and informed about the vital importance of work accidents, raising the awareness.

Free Shahrokh Zamani!


(21.10.2013) Iranian regime keeps repressing fighting workers, trade-unionists and socialists. One of the socialist trade-union organisers, Shahrokh Zamani, whom the regime is seeking to keep away from struggle by imprisoning for years, is now sentenced to 6 months in Rajaishahr Prison. He has been kept in Karaj Rajaishahr Detention Centre for months and now the Mullah regime threatens him with death sentence if he does not give up his political activities.

UID-DER Workers’ Theatre’s Play “The Spirit of Capitalism Won’t Come” Staged in Switzerland.


(20.10.2013) UID-DER Workers’ Theatre’s play, “The Spirit of Capitalism Won’t Come”, was staged in Switzerland by a group of young Turkish socialist migrant workers. The young migrant workers who wanted to commemorate the Great 15-16 June Resistance sent us an e-mail informing us about their intention to perform a play in the Culture and Art Festival they will organise. They asked for UİD-DER’s help

Won’t You Stand Up Against Warmongering?


(11.10.2013) A cruel war has been going on in the Middle East. And the government in Turkey is making up excuses and lies to justify any possible intervention in Syria, seeking to convince people of war with great effort. Well, from what has the war that the AKP government is preparing for arisen? Who are the real sides of this war? What interests are involved? What will come out from this war for workers?

The Other Youth Speak Out


(25.09.2013) Interviews made by Workers’ Solidarity in the context of debates about “90s Generation” after Gezi protests show that working-class youth has big problems. But their problems are not paid attention. The youth of well-off layers who came to the fore and were praised during Gezi protests were presented as if they represent entire youth.

Who Will Take Care of Workers’ Rights?


(16.09.2013) Workers have many problems. We can count at least the following: Wages are low; millions of workers earn either minimum wage or just a bit more than that. They are continuously forced to do overtime to increase their income. They cannot spend time with their families and are getting more and more detached from social life. The struggle to survive makes life unbearable and miserable for workers.

Solidarity Message for Behnam Ebrahimzadeh


(05.09.2013) Dear Iranian worker brothers and sisters, As your worker brothers/sisters from Turkey we are closely aware of the repression and terror exerted by the Iranian regime against the working class and we condemn it. One of the most recent examples of this repression is the case of Behnam Ebrahimzadeh.

No Trust in System Parties, Go for the Unity of Workers!


(28.07.2013) Workers’ life is hard and painful. The struggle to survive, to earn their own life and to look after their families makes life for workers unbearable. Pain, anxiety and exhaustion become an inseparable part of workers’ life. Could the life of workers who try to afford their needs with a minimum wage and the life of well-off rich people be equal?