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The Statement by UID-DER on its New Campaign:

Stop low wages! Stop long work hours! Stop outsourcing!

We are workers, working day and night with elbow grease, producing the whole wealth. Everything stands on our own hands. We are the ones raising those skyscrapers high, opening tunnels, and digging the bosom of coal mines. Just imagine what would happen when all workers stop working for one day!

Request to support two worker activists in Iran: Jafar Azeemzadeh and Mahmoud Salehi


(01.01.2016) Workers in Iran consider themselves a part of the international working class and we are striving to strengthen the working class solidarity. We are also appreciative of the International support we have received so far.  At the time of writing this letter, several worker activists are imprisoned. These workers need a world wide support. Among them,  two labour leader’s cases are more urgent: Jafar Azeemzadeh and Mahmoud Salehi.

Refugee Workers Are Our Class Brothers/Sisters! For a United Struggle!


(10.12.2015) UID-DER workers who work for advancing the national and international struggle of the working class deem those workers who are in refugee status as class brothers/sisters like other workers in the world. Advocating the unity and emancipation struggle of all workers of the world, UID-DER is conscious of the common fate of refugee workers and toilers at large with workers in Turkey and the Middle East.

We Condemn the Park Geun-hye Government’s Crackdown Against Trade Unions and the Security Police’s Suppression



(01.12.2015) Having been terrified of People’s All-out Struggle on November 14th, the Park Geun-hye administration has begun to oppress harshly Korean Confederation of Trade Unions (KCTU) intending to destroy it by the security police.

Our Solidarity Message to KCTU


(27.11.2015) We are closely following the process of general strike you started by a big rally on 14 November. First of all we want to say that we fully support the struggle the KCTU has been waging against new anti-worker labour law and TPP. We vigorously condemn the attacks by Park Geun-hye government against the KCTU.

“Stop War, Peace Right Now!” Rally Attacked by Bombs


(14.10.2015) Labour, Peace, Democracy Rally called by left wing trade union confederations and labour organisations (DİSK, KESK, TMMOB and TTB) in Ankara with the main slogan “Stop War, Peace Right Now!” was attacked by bombs. The blasts were in front of the Ankara main train station where unions, parties and other groups were organising their columns just before the beginning of the march. The death toll is above one hundred and there are more than 300 injured.

Solidarity Message from Doro-Chiba


(13.10.2015) Dear friends of UID-DER, Hearing of news of the bombing massacre on October 10, we, Doro-Chiba and all fighting colleagues in Japan are very much worry about all your own safety. We fiercely denounce the bloodshedding set off by one of the reactionary organizations “brought up&” by imperialism.

We will turn Shahrokh Zamani's death into the banner of workers solidarity and unity


(21.09.2015) Shahrokh Zamani, the brave and tireless fighter of the Iranian workers movement has died in Gohar Dasht prison. The news was received with total disbelief and utter shock for all. In our view, whatever reasons the authorities may offer, the responsibility for his death lies completely with those have imposed conditions of slavery on the workers of Iran and have taken away their rights to organise and struggle for a better life and on those who throw honourable and valiant human beings such as Shahrokh Zamani into dungeons.

Shahrokh Zamani Killed in Iranian Dungeons

Shahrokh Zamani.jpg

(14.09.2015) We are in deep sorrow to hear the unexpected news that Shahrokh Zamani, Iranian socialist trade-unionist, was killed on 13 September, in the Rajai Shahr prison of Iranian mullah regime. We are sending our condolences to his family and comrades and we condemn once more the Iranian mullah regime which is directly responsible for his death.

IWSN’s Solidarity Message to Arçelik LG’s Sacked Workers

arcelik_lg_2015-07-02 23-49-32_03.JPG

(11.08.2015) The Arçelik LG factory in Gebze produces air conditioning units. It is a joint venture between Koç Holdings, the biggest capitalist conglomerate in Turkey, and South Korea’s LG.

Doro-Chiba’s Solidarity Message to Arçelik LG Workers


(12.08.2015) We send herewith heartfelt greeting of solidarity and support from Japan across oceans to you, brothers and sisters of workers of Arçelik LG, striving to achieve separation and independence from Türk Metal, a Fascist union.

Thanks from Doro-Chiba

doro chiba.jpg

(02.08.2015) Thank you very much for sending your powerful and heartfelt solidarity message! We'll translate and distribute this to all participants to the rally.

To our dear class brothers/sisters in Japan who wage an honourable struggle


(29.07.2015) 70 years ago in hot days of August American imperialism carried out a massacre in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the sorrow of which is still burns in our hearts.

Appeal for August 6 Hiroshima Grand Action – 70th Anniversary of A-bombing



(29.07.2015) Nuclear power plants as well as other facilities for nuclear weapons inherently require radiation exposure of workers. Without their work, nuclear facilities cannot exist. The struggle against radiation–exposed work will build international solidarity of workers to stop nuclear wars and also decommission all nuclear power plants in the world.

Over 2000 Teachers Protest Outside Iranian Regime’s “Parliament”


(24.07.2015) On July 22 over 2000 teachers protested outside the Iranian regime’s “parliament” on Baharestan Square. Over 100 were arrested after they were beaten by police.

Joint Statement of Japanese and Korean Railway Workers against Privatization


(07.06.2015) We, Japanese and Korean railway workers, have determined to issue a Joint Statement to declare our will for crushing the privatization, deregulation in the public sector and neoliberal labor policy, and to stand up for solidarity with workers of the world struggling against capitalist attack.

Solidarity Message from Japanese Railway Workers to Turkish Metal Workers

International Labor Solidarity Committee of Doro-Chiba


(24.05.2015) Brothers and sisters, fighting metal workers and workers of UID-DER, We send you a heartfelt message of international solidarity to support metal workers, including cooperating workers, who stand up for organizing an independent union by overthrowing the fascist union’s bondage.

IWSN’s Solidarity Message to Turkish Metal Workers

Iranian Workers’ Solidarity Network (IWSN)


(19.05.2015) To the metal workers of Turkey
Our dear class brothers and sisters
We heard about your recent heroic struggles from the comrades of UID-DER. We are very impressed with your fight against the three-pronged attack of the capitalists: the biggest capitalists of Turkey, the capitalist state and the gangsters of Türk Metal.

Metal Workers Shake the Ground


(21.05.2015) Movement of metal workers in Bursa, heartland of automotive industry in Turkey, sends tremors through the whole metal industry in Turkey. Workers of biggest industrial companies such as Renault, Fiat and some others have already started unofficial strikes and also of other factories including Ford and many others have been holding various types of protests in their factories and around.

May Day in Gebze, UID-DER Vigour at May Day!


(06.05.2015) To celebrate May Day, hundreds of millions of workers across the world took to the streets and raised their voices against exploitation and repression by capitalist system and for unity, solidarity and struggle. This year’s celebration in Gebze, a worker’s town, was much more massive and vibrant than recent years. Many unions from around neighbouring towns such as Istanbul and Kocaeli joined with the unions in Gebze. UID-DER was also present with its massive, enthusiastic, disciplined and red column.

IWSN’s May Day Message to UİD-DER

Iranian Workers’ Solidarity Network


(01.05.2015) Our dear class brothers and sisters in Turkey, Our fellow labour activists in UID-DER, For the first time in eight years the Iranian regime has allowed workers to demonstrate and celebrate May Day in public. This development has a number of domestic and international causes, with workers’ increasing combatively during the past few months being the main one.

May Day Message to IWSN

uidder-1-mayis-2014 (11)m.jpg

(01.05.2015) Our dear Iranian class brothers/sisters. It is May Day and today our class brothers/sisters all over the world take to the streets as one voice, one heart. They raise their voices and vow that they will not bow down before the attacks of the bosses. They come together to stop joblessness, poverty and repression. They say they do not want to kill and die in imperialist wars. They say no to capitalist exploitation.

Solidarity Message to Japanese Workers For 11 March Action


(10.03.2015) Our dear friends of Doro-Chiba and Japanese class brothers and sisters, As your class brothers and sisters in Turkey we salute and support with all our heart and soul the honorable struggle you have been waging for 4 years against nuclear power plants since the Fukushima disaster.

What is UİD-DER and What Does It Stand For?

(23.12.2009) Our Association of International Workers Solidarity, UİD-DER, has been founded in June 2006 by Workers Self-Education Groups (WSEG) which have been active in different industries such as metal, textile, petrochemistry. Revolutionary vanguard workers who make up WSEG had been conducting work in union rank-and-file, factories, strike places for many years. UİD-DER is the fruit of this continuous work carried on in a working class discipline. And we keep carrying on our work to strengthen this base on an international level as well.

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