The Statement by UID-DER on its New Campaign:

Stop low wages! Stop long work hours! Stop outsourcing!

We are workers, working day and night with elbow grease, producing the whole wealth. Everything stands on our own hands. We are the ones raising those skyscrapers high, opening tunnels, and digging the bosom of coal mines. Just imagine what would happen when all workers stop working for one day!

IWSN’s May Day Message to UİD-DER

Iranian Workers’ Solidarity Network


(01.05.2015) Our dear class brothers and sisters in Turkey, Our fellow labour activists in UID-DER, For the first time in eight years the Iranian regime has allowed workers to demonstrate and celebrate May Day in public. This development has a number of domestic and international causes, with workers’ increasing combatively during the past few months being the main one.

May Day Message to IWSN

uidder-1-mayis-2014 (11)m.jpg

(01.05.2015) Our dear Iranian class brothers/sisters. It is May Day and today our class brothers/sisters all over the world take to the streets as one voice, one heart. They raise their voices and vow that they will not bow down before the attacks of the bosses. They come together to stop joblessness, poverty and repression. They say they do not want to kill and die in imperialist wars. They say no to capitalist exploitation.

Solidarity Message to Japanese Workers For 11 March Action


(10.03.2015) Our dear friends of Doro-Chiba and Japanese class brothers and sisters, As your class brothers and sisters in Turkey we salute and support with all our heart and soul the honorable struggle you have been waging for 4 years against nuclear power plants since the Fukushima disaster.

Call for Endorsement of and Participation in Anti-Nuclear Plant Fukushima Action on March 11, 2015

International Labor Solidarity Committee of Doro-Chiba


(10.03.2015) Four years have passed since the disaster on the March 11. People in Fukushima are raging. Evacuees amount to 130,000, of which 30,000 people are living in “temporary” housings. People are deprived of hometowns, farmlands, livelihood, lives worth living. Radioactivity spreads widely. Contaminated water is leaking day by day.

UİD-DER Handed International Messages of Solidarity to Birleşik Metal-İş

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(26.02.2015) Messages of solidarity sent by Doro-Chiba, a trade-union of Japanese railway workers, and Workers Liberty Industrial Committee from Britain to the striking metal workers in Turkey to be conveyed by UİD-DER were handed by a delegation of UİD-DER to Birleşik Metal-İş (United Metal Workers’ Union) in a visit to its national centre.

Message to Metal Workers from AWL Industrial Committee

AWL Industrial Committee


(17.02.2015) Comrades of Workers' Liberty in the UK send our full solidarity to striking Turkish metal workers, particularly in light of the government repression of their strike. The right to withdraw our labour is what fundamentally distinguishes the worker from the slave, and must be defended at all costs.

Safa Rolling and Pipe Mills workers protest for a third day

Iranian Workers’ Solidarity Network

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(04.02.2015) Over 1,000 workers at the Safa Rolling and Pipe Mills in Saveh are continuing their protest for a third day. On the second day of the protest production at the plant was brought to a standstill. According to the Iranian Labour News Agency (ILNA), 26 lorry drivers who had brought raw materials for the Safa Rolling and Pipe Mills Company from Bandar Abbas gathered in front of the factory gate.

Solidarity Message from Doro-Chiba to Fighting Metal Workers and Workers of UİD-DER


(12.02.2015) Please find attached Doro-Chiba's solidarity message to your courageous struggle. We wholeheartedly support the decisive strike of United Metal Workers' Union (UMWU) and indignantly condemn the strike ban by the AKP government in the name of “disruption of national security”. It'd be great if you could forward this message to UMWU, too.

Metal Strike and the Government Ban


(10.02.2015) On January 29, thousands of metal workers started their strike against bosses’ union MESS (Union of Metal Industrialists). The strike was organised by Birleşik Metal-İş, which is a DİSK affiliate and involved 22 factories across Turkey. Birleşik Metal-İş is one of the three unions in metal industry officially recognised for collective bargaining along with Türk Metal (Türk-İş affiliate) and Çelik-İş.

Video: Stop MESS Presures! We Stand By the Sriking Metal Workers!

15,000 workers at 22 factories, where Birleşik Metal-İş is organised, chose to go on strike. On Thursday, 29 January, workers shut off the power at Cengiz Makine factory in Gebze, which was subsequently followed by other factories. Thousands of workers from various unions and many democratic mass organisations, including UID-DER were present to support the strike. On 30 January, the AKP government passed a resolution to ban the strike. However, the strike of thousands of fighting metal workers has already aroused enthusiasm among broader toiling masses and started to cultivate consciousness of rights-claiming among workers.


Message from Doro-Chiba


(20.01.2015) Since the eruption of the world-worst nuclear disaster of Fukushima Dai-ichi triggered by the Earthquake on March 11, 2011, Doro-Chiba has been organizing a signature campaign to abolish all nuclear power plants on the earth, appealing to workers and labor unions all over the world. UID-DER is the most earnest and significant supporter of our campaign, responding to our appeal by sending us over 16,000 signatures.

Hundreds of electricity and Iran Tyre workers protest against temporary contracts

Iranian Workers’ Solidarity Network (IWSN)

(08.01.2014) Hundreds of electricity and Iran Tyre workers protest against temporary contracts outside regime’s ‘parliament’. Iranian Labour News Agency (ILNA) has reported that on Wednesday, January 7, about 500 workers of regional electricity companies from different parts of Iran gathered in Tehran to protest against temporary contracts.

IWSN’s New Year Message to UİD-DER


(02.01.2015) As the 21st century progresses the gap between technological advances and their social benefits becomes wider and more apparent to an ever widening layer of workers. Profit, the sole purpose of development in capitalist society, is the cause of this disparity. For a very small minority it produces comfort and luxury never before seen in history.

The Youth of the Working Class, Forward to Struggle in UİD-DER Ranks!

03.01.2015, A young worker from Gebze


There are two fundamental social classes under capitalism: The working class and the bourgeoisie. And there are also children of these two classes. Children of the working class have their share of inequality and injustice that the capitalist order creates. The system of education is one of the areas of inequality and injustice for them.

UİD-DER’s New Year Message to IWSN


(01.01.2015) The year 2014 has passed under heavy attacks of the bourgeoisie directed at the working class all over the world. These attacks have been multiplied by imperialist wars. Especially in the Middle East in which we are placed, our class has come under these attacks in the harshest way, which are still continuing. Undoubtedly the working class has not been silent in the face of these attacks.

Iranian Labour Activist Behnam Ebrahimzadeh On Hunger Strike


(27.12.2014) The Iranian labour activist Behnam Ebrahimzadeh, a member of the Commitee to Pursue the Establisment of Workers’ Organisations and a children’s rights advocate, began hunger strike on December 3. He was sentenced to 5 years of imprisonment and has been incarcerated by the Iranian regime since June 2010.

Support the Kurdistan Construction Workers’ Organisation (KCWO)


(25.12.2014) Since its launch in July 2011 the Kurdistan Construction Workers’ Organisation (KCWO) has been campaigning for official recognition by the Kurdish Regional Government (KRG) in northern Iraq. Although the KRG recognises compliant unions under its jurisdiction, it has so far refused to recognise this independent trade union.

Behnam Ebrahimzadeh’s latest hunger strike

Iranian Workers’ Solidarity Network


(18.12.2014) The latest statement issued by the Behnam Ebrahimzadeh Defence Committee describes Behnam’s situation on the eleventh day of his hunger strike. Behnam Ebrahimzadeh, a member of the Committee to Pursue the Establishment of Workers’ Organisations, began his latest hunger strike on December 3.

Hundreds of nurses protest in front of the Presidential Office

Iranian Workers’ Solidarity Network


(16.12.2014) Hundreds of nurses from the provinces of Tehran, Esfahan, Qom, Mazandaran and Gilan, gathered in front of the Presidential Office in Tehran on Sunday, December 14. They were demanding a meeting with the Iranian regime’s president, Hassan Rohani, so that they could bring their demands to his attention.

Iran: Over 200 Kooshk miners strike for a fifth day

Iranian Workers’ Solidarity Network


(11.12.2014) Over 200 miners at Kooshk, Bafgh’s lead and zinc mine, went on strike for a fifth day. They were protesting against appalling conditions and unpaid wages. The striking miners wrote a letter to Ali Rabii and Mohammad-Reza Nematzadeh, the Iranian regime’s Labour and Industry ministers, demanding that the “the inhuman and unjust” conditions at the mine are brought to an end immediately.

About 1100 construction and petrochemical workers protest outside Iranian regime’s ‘parliament’

(17.11.2014) On Sunday, November 16, about 1000 construction workers protested outside the Iranian regime’s ‘parliament’. They were protesting against proposed changes to the social insurance law. Sacked workers from Ilam Petrochemicals were also protesting against unpaid wages and being fired.

Hands off Kobanê! For Peace in the Middle East, for Freedom to all Oppressed Peoples and Faiths!

kobane katliamn

(12.11.2014) The AKP government is responsible for the violent clashes spread across the whole country and the deaths. For five weeks the bloody and inhuman organisation called ISIS has been attacking Kobanê, a canton of Rojava where predominantly Kurdish people live. This bunch of criminals has many high-tech tanks and weapons seized from the Iraqi army.

All Arrested Bafgh Miners Released!

Iranian Workers’ Solidarity Network


(04.09.2014) All workers of the Bafgh iron ore mine have now been released and plans to privatise the mine have been shelved. The last six of the jailed miners were freed on September 3. They were all arrested on August 19 during the strike and protests of 5000 workers against plans to privatise the mine.

What is UİD-DER and What Does It Stand For?

(23.12.2009) Our Association of International Workers Solidarity, UİD-DER, has been founded in June 2006 by Workers Self-Education Groups (WSEG) which have been active in different industries such as metal, textile, petrochemistry. Revolutionary vanguard workers who make up WSEG had been conducting work in union rank-and-file, factories, strike places for many years. UİD-DER is the fruit of this continuous work carried on in a working class discipline. And we keep carrying on our work to strengthen this base on an international level as well.

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