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Alpagut Workers: “We Are the Ones Who Produce, We Are the Ones Who Will Take Power”


(02.11.2016) The history of the working class is replete with experiences of past struggles. Today, if we want to proceed and succeed in strikes and resistances, we must look back at our past struggles and learn from them. And we must stand up against the bosses in a stronger, determined, conscious and organised manner. When we look at our struggle history, we see how the organised workers turned the slogan “We Are the Ones Who Produce, We Are the Ones Who Will Take Power!” into reality at the factories where they created their own grassroots organisations. Undoubtedly, the most important of these experiences is the self-management experience of 786 workers in Alpagut Lignite Enterprises in 1969.

A Letter from UID-DER Women’s Committee to Akiko Hoshino


(03.06.2019) Fumiaki Hoshino, who in his early age had joined the ranks of struggle of the Japanese working class in the aspiration of a world without war, exploitation, and full of peace and freedom, lost his life. Cruel Japanese rulers tried to break him away from his struggle and beloved ones by keeping him for 44 years in prison under most severe conditions. Yet they failed despite all persecution. Akiko Hoshino, whom he married with while he was in prison, his life companion of struggle, has been his voice echoing outside the walls. Here we publish the letter of condolence sent by UID-DER Women’s Committee to Akiko Hoshino.

Declaration of 100 Teachers in Hiroshima


(06.03.2019) We, teachers in Hiroshima, categorically oppose the inscription of the Self Defense Forces in the 9th clause of the Constitution and also the new introduction of “emergency clause” in it. We are firmly determined to prevent the disaster caused by war and nuclear weapons once again imminent in today’s situation.

Call from UID-DER: For a Wider International Workers Solidarity!


(10.10.2018) Workers movement and unions are under severe repression in Turkey. Working conditions of the working class are deteriorating with each passing day, along with falling real wages and worsening living conditions. More than 2000 workers per year lose their lives in work accidents. And the economic crisis has aggravated all these things. In many workplaces compulsory unpaid leaves and layoffs have begun.

May Day 2018: Hundreds of Thousands Say NO to Exploitation and State of Emergency


(01.05.2018) May Day, the working class’s international day of unity, struggle and solidarity, was enthusiastically celebrated in a number of towns across Turkey. Despite the state of emergency, which has been made the normal mode of government since 2016, despite heavy repression, and bans and restrictions on fundamental democratic rights, hundreds of thousands of workers flooded in streets and squares of towns.

Workers in UID-DER: “NO to this Faulty Order!”


(01.05.2018) As a fighting organisation of workers, UID-DER prepared for the May Day conducting a work in workplaces and working-class neighbourhoods with the main slogan “NO to this Faulty Order!” The result was a massive and enthusiastic column in Istanbul Maltepe. In UID-DER column workers raised voices against exploitation, wars, anti-democratic measures, repression and persecution, state of emergency, one-man regime.

International Solidarity with the DHL Express Strike


(11.04.2018) The strike of DHL Express workers who were dismissed because of getting organised by joining TUMTIS, an affiliate of TURK-IS, has reached its 9th month. The striking workers waging a struggle to get reinstated despite all kinds of repression were visited by ITF and ETF union officials on March 29. During the visit to the picket it was emphasized by the ITF, representing 19 million transport workers around the world, that DHL workers were not alone.

To our Iranian class brothers/sisters: Our sufferings are common, so are the enemies!


(18.11.2017) Dear Iranian class brothers/sisters, We feel in our heart, together with you, the grief for the disaster caused by the big earthquake. Hundreds of deaths sacrificed for capitalism and thousands of injured makes us deeply sad. We send our condolences to all our Iranian class brothers/sisters.

May Day 2017 in Turkey and UID-DER

(11.05.2017) May Day 2017 celebrations in Turkey took place under conditions of state of emergency where democratic rights are trampled upon, attacks against the working class mounted, and a one-man regime is imposed on society. But despite all repression, and the efforts of trade-union bureaucrats to hollow out the meaning of May Day, tens of thousands of workers across Turkey took to streets in almost all big cities and working class areas.

Workers Say No to One-man Regime!


(22.03.2017) Turkey is having a hard time in which democratic rights are trampled upon and a totalitarian regime is under construction. The struggle of the working class under these circumstances for democratic rights and freedom is of critical importance. In our work we, the Association of International Workers’ Solidarity, raise the voice of “NO to one-man regime” among the ranks of the working class. Our song for our campaign for a NO vote is both an expression of our determination and a call by the working class of Turkey for solidarity addressed to the world working class. We wish you to give some coverage to the class struggle in Turkey in your work and share our song among fellow workers in your country.

Solidarity Message to Doro-Chiba for 5-6 November Actions


(20.10.2016) As your friends in UID-DER we salute with sincerest revolutionary feelings your determined struggle in a period when capitalism and governments at the service of capital drive the whole world into dire conditions of exploitation and hell of war. Humanity faces the profoundest crisis ever created by capitalism. This is not only an economic crisis but a historical one deepened by political and social aspects. Every measure taken by the rulers to save themselves from the crisis makes life more unbearable for the toiling masses.

Celebrating UID-DER’s 10th Anniversary


(16.06.2016) UID-DER’s 10th Anniversary of founding was celebrated on 12 June by a massive indoor event. The event was a blend of telling the nature and activities of UID-DER by presenters, music performed by UID-DER Music Band and Workers’ Choir, recitation of poems, screening of videos and dancing of the audience. Like the founding event held in 2006, the meeting was also a commemoration of and a tribute to the Great Workers’ Revolt of 15-16th of June 1970.

May Day Enthusiasm despite Repression and Restrictions


(13.05.2016) Hundreds of millions of workers across the world took to the streets on the occasion of May Day and raised their voices for their demands and shouted out their outrage against capitalism. Workers gathered together and became of one heart against crises caused by capitalism, imperialist wars, unemployment, persecution and attempts to eliminate workers’ rights.

May Day Vigour in Gebze and Mersin: UID-DER Marches Forward, Struggle Grows!


(13.05.2016) UID-DER was present in Gebze and Mersin with its massive, enthusiastic, disciplined and red columns. The workers in the columns were mainly women and young. UID-DER contingents attracted notice with energetic slogans, red flags, workers’ discipline and placards against the rise of fascism and attacks against workers.

“From the Hell of War to the Workers’ Revolution”: A Series of Successful Events by UID-DER


(09.05.2016) We are passing through a period when the flames of the Third World War spread further, turning the Middle East into a bloodbath and slaughtering hundreds of thousands of workers and toilers. In order to draw attention to the ongoing imperialist war and encourage the correct attitude towards it, UID-DER holds seminars and events in many neighbourhoods.

May Day Message from France


(05.05.2016) For this 1st of May, International Workers Day, we send you a message of solidarity with all the militants of the workers’ movement in Turkey, a movement which, with the worsening of the dictatorial regime of the AKP, suffers a much harder repression today, this year 2016, that during the last years.

Declaration of Anti-Nuclear Power Plant Fukushima Action On March 11th, 2016



(20.04.2016) The Abe administration is rushing to start war and restart the nuclear power plants. Down with the Abe administration, gathering the Fukushima people’s widespread anger together with the labor unions waging strikes at the forefront of the fight! The Abe government has decided to lift the evacuation orders in all municipalities in Fukushima that are still exposed to radiation doses of up to 20 mSv/year.

Solidarity Message to Doro-Chiba for Fukushima Action


(10.03.2016) Dear class brothers and sisters, As your class brothers and sisters in Turkey we salute your courageous and determined struggle against nuclear power plants. In the fifth anniversary of the Fukushima disaster, we extend our most heartfelt feelings of solidarity to Fukushima mothers and people.

Letter from Fumiaki Hoshino


(05.03.2016) I was deeply moved and encouraged by your recognition of Akiko’s and my 40-year struggle. You describe “the feast of colors” in my paintings as being like you’ve “never come across” and the “blaze of resistance illuminating the darkness.” Indeed, the colors show my total trust in the power of humanity, workers, and nature, and the light of hope that shines from this.

Request to support two worker activists in Iran: Jafar Azeemzadeh and Mahmoud Salehi


(01.01.2016) Workers in Iran consider themselves a part of the international working class and we are striving to strengthen the working class solidarity. We are also appreciative of the International support we have received so far.  At the time of writing this letter, several worker activists are imprisoned. These workers need a world wide support. Among them,  two labour leader’s cases are more urgent: Jafar Azeemzadeh and Mahmoud Salehi.

Refugee Workers Are Our Class Brothers/Sisters! For a United Struggle!


(10.12.2015) UID-DER workers who work for advancing the national and international struggle of the working class deem those workers who are in refugee status as class brothers/sisters like other workers in the world. Advocating the unity and emancipation struggle of all workers of the world, UID-DER is conscious of the common fate of refugee workers and toilers at large with workers in Turkey and the Middle East.

We Condemn the Park Geun-hye Government’s Crackdown Against Trade Unions and the Security Police’s Suppression



(01.12.2015) Having been terrified of People’s All-out Struggle on November 14th, the Park Geun-hye administration has begun to oppress harshly Korean Confederation of Trade Unions (KCTU) intending to destroy it by the security police.

Our Solidarity Message to KCTU


(27.11.2015) We are closely following the process of general strike you started by a big rally on 14 November. First of all we want to say that we fully support the struggle the KCTU has been waging against new anti-worker labour law and TPP. We vigorously condemn the attacks by Park Geun-hye government against the KCTU.

“Stop War, Peace Right Now!” Rally Attacked by Bombs


(14.10.2015) Labour, Peace, Democracy Rally called by left wing trade union confederations and labour organisations (DİSK, KESK, TMMOB and TTB) in Ankara with the main slogan “Stop War, Peace Right Now!” was attacked by bombs. The blasts were in front of the Ankara main train station where unions, parties and other groups were organising their columns just before the beginning of the march. The death toll is above one hundred and there are more than 300 injured.

What is UİD-DER and What Does It Stand For?

(23.12.2009) Our Association of International Workers Solidarity, UİD-DER, has been founded in June 2006 by Workers Self-Education Groups (WSEG) which have been active in different industries such as metal, textile, petrochemistry. Revolutionary vanguard workers who make up WSEG had been conducting work in union rank-and-file, factories, strike places for many years. UİD-DER is the fruit of this continuous work carried on in a working class discipline. And we keep carrying on our work to strengthen this base on an international level as well.

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