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Solidarity Message to Japanese Workers For 11 March Anti-Nuclear Action


(10.03.2013) As your class brothers and sisters in Turkey we fully support your courageous and determined struggle against nuclear power plants you have been carrying on since the disaster in Fukushima. While we are carrying your voice to workers in Turkey as UID-DER, we are also fighting against nuclear power plants here in Turkey.

Trade Unions and Legal Barriers to Getting Unionised


(25.02.2013) The law of trade unions and the law of collective bargaining, strike and lock-out were combined into a single law on 7 November 2012. This law maintains the barriers and restrictions on trade unions. One of the most important barriers is the thresholds for utilising the right to collective bargaining.

The System of Subcontracting: Wild Exploitation, Fatal Workplace Accidents!


(16.02.2013) On 7th January, 8 miners were killed at a mine accident in Kozlu, Zonguldak. Their families were thrown into a deep sorrow and grief. The same grief haunts many working class families. Workplaces are operating like slaughterhouses. According to the reports of Labour Ministry 4 workers a day lose their lives at workplace accidents. That means that nearly 1500 workers a year come to be the victims of the greed of bosses.

A March in Honour of Worker Victims of Kozlu Mine


(19.01.2013) On 13 January the families of workers who have lost their lives in workplace accidents marched in Taksim, Istanbul, in honour of the victims of the accident in a mine in Kozlu (Zonguldak). The accident took place on 7 January and 8 miners lost their lives. The march was also joined by various working class organisations including UID-DER.

Şişecam Workers Show the Way: Fight and Win!


(13.01.2013) On 5 January around 450 workers of Şişecam occupied the factory they have been working for many years. The factory is one of the plants owned by Şişecam Group which is mainly active in producing glass and chemicals. The Group factories produce float glass, glass household articles, glass packaging and glass fiber as well as soda and chromium compounds.

Who Will Benefit 2013 Budget and What Will Workers Get?


(11.01.2013) Workers and toilers are expecting in hope a betterment of their lives as the turn of the year approaches. Although the struggle to earn a living makes workers’ lives ruined since they cannot afford even their basic needs, are afraid of losing their jobs and of not being able to pay the bills and house rents, are tired of the hardships of living conditions, they hope to get over their grievances.

Collective Bargaining Negotiations in Metal Industry


(17.12.2012) In their training programmes carried out in the framework of the Hard and Dangerous Works Code metal workers are told: “To mould metal is the greatest skill of human beings. The more a country is able to tame and mould metal the more powerful it is.” So Turkey is a powerful country as metal workers keep all the time working hard to mould metal with a great skill and swelling the profits of bosses.

Beat Fear, Avoid Artificial Polarisations!


(15.11.2012) All workers are afraid of being unemployed, of not being able to pay the rent and the bills, of not being able to feed their children. To fear is human, but human beings learned how to overcome their fears. Human beings beat their fear and eliminate the threat which causes the fear when they get united and gather their forces together. So we the workers must come together as well. Workers are strong when they get united and beat their fears. Bosses cannot easily dismiss workers united!

Unite Against Price Hikes, High Cost of Living and the War!


(14.10.2012) Prices keep going up making the life of toilers unbearable and aggravating poverty. The AKP government announced the new price hikes particularly in spring and autumn to avoid the reaction of the toiling masses. In April natural gas price was increased 19 percent in one go. In the beginning of October, once again, it was increased 10 percent, a second hike in less than four months.

Stop Workers Dying of Workplace Accidents!

work accident are not destiny

(01.11.2012) Workplace accidents have been increasing day by day. Every day we are hearing news about occupational accidents from factories, shipyards, mines and construction sites. Every month more than 100 workers on the average lose their lives at workplace, and many more workers are injured and permanently disabled.

Solidarity Action by Tumtis for Iranian and Swaziland Workers


(17.10.2012) On 11th October Turkish union TUMTIS (Motor Vehicle Workers’ Union) organized a solidarity action together with the striking DHL workers as part of the International Week of Action declared by ITF to support the workers and union activists who have been imprisoned in Iran and Swaziland. The demonstration took place in front of one of the DHL warehouses in Esenyurt, Istanbul.

Opening Event in UID-DER Sefaköy Branch


(15.10.2012) The seventh term of UID-DER activities was started by an opening event in UID-DER’s Sefaköy Branch (Istanbul) on 7 October. Among so many workers from various industries present in the event, there were DHL cargo workers who have been on unofficial strike and also Iranian socialist immigrant workers among us.

Repression of KESK and Arrests


(05.10.2012) The first hearing of the case against 15 women trade-unionists of KESK (Confederation of Public Employees Unions) was held in Ankara on October 4. Out of 15 women trade-unionists 9 have been in prison for 8 months without being taken into the court. Now this was the first time they were before a judge. There were thousands of people in front of the court coming from around Turkey to show their support for the woman trade-unionists, most of them being members of KESK.

Stop the Imperialist War!

Strengthen the Unity of Workers and Fraternity of Peoples!


(15.09.2012) Workers, toilers, brothers/sisters!A bloody civil war is going on in Syria; tens of people are dying everyday, hundreds are being injured and thousands are migrating. Who is fighting in Syria? On the one side there is the Bashar al-Assad’s bloody dictatorship, on the other side there are various armed opposition groups.

Australian Construction Workers Thank UİD-DER in Their Message


Thank you comrades for your message of support, which will be read out to a mass meeting on Tuesday morning as the struggle continues,

Comradely greetings,

Solidarity Message to Australian Construction Workers


(08.09.2012) As workers who are members of the Association of International Workers’ Solidarity in Turkey we salute your struggle. As your class brothers/sisters in Turkey we know well that construction workers work under hard conditions, that there are many difficulties for workers to get organized in this industry, that the system of sub-contracting is becoming widespread across the world your as well as in your and our country.

Statement of the Ministry of Labour to UİD-DER


(22.08.2012) The Ministry of Labour and Social Security sent a statement to UİD-DER which carried out a campaign against the government plan aiming to transfer the severance entitlements of workers to a fund and eventually abolish the severance payment. In the statement, Ministry says that “our Ministry has not a finished plan on severance payment”.

Union Phobia and Strike Bans cannot Stop Workers!


(26.08.2012) The capitalist system which survives on the exploitation of workers is in crisis. Well-known global giant holdings and banks are going bankrupt, national budgets are going bust as in Greece. The economic crisis is accompanied by a political crisis. Now bosses and governments, as mouthpieces of them, cannot rule labourers as in the past since workers reject paying the bill of the crisis.

Workers’ Solidarity on the 67th Anniversary of Hiroshima


(13.08.2012) On the 67th anniversary of the dropping of A-bomb by the USA to Hiroshima (6 August) our Japanese class brothers/sisters held a big mass meeting to protest imperialist wars, nuclear weapons and nuclear power plants. Main slogans of the meeting were “Abolish all nuke now! No to restarts of nuclear power plants! Crash Noda Administration!”. We, as UID-DER, also sent a solidarity message to this meeting. Japanese Railway Workers Union Doro-Chiba sent the following answer to our solidarity message before the meeting.

Why is International Workers’ Solidarity Necessary?


(15.07.2012) From Europe to Asia, Latin America to the Middle East, all around the world, workers’ struggles are on the increase. Everywhere these struggles point out to working class’ anger growing against injustices and exploitation. Also in Turkey, reactions are continuing against low wages, restrictions on the freedom to organise, sackings, contracting-out, usurpation of gained rights and the bans on the right to strike. Workers who were sacked for trying to unionize against low wages and unbearable working conditions, are not going back their homes.

Turkish Airlines Workers Keep On Fighting


(11.08.2012) 305 THY (Turkish Airlines) workers who were sacked because they rose against banning of strike action in aviation industry by law keep their struggle on. As Hava-İş (Civil Aviation Workers’ Union) members they have not left the Atatürk Airport’s International Flights Terminal since they were fired. They demand they be reinstated and the strike ban recalled. As response to Hava-İş’s appeal they have been offered solidarity on a national and international level.

“Slave İbrahim Speaks Strangely” was on Stage


(03.08.2012) The play, Köle İbrahim Tuhaf Konuşuyor (Slave İbrahim Speaks Strangely), prepared by UİD-DER’s Worker Theater Group, brought worker and labor audiences together in European side of İstanbul on May 27th, in Sarıgazi on June 3rd, in Aydınlı on June 10th and in Gebze district of Kocaeli on July 1st. The play which took great interest of audiences appeared as a result of enormous work lasting for months.

Solidarity Message to August 6th Hiroshima Grand Action


(02.08.2012) Today is the 67. anniversary of the dropping of the Atomic Bomb to Hiroshima and our world is still in a process of imperialist war and humanity is faced with the danger of a nuclear disaster. Capitalists who massacred tens of millions of people around the world in the second imperialist world war and hundreds of thousands that day in Japan, now turns the Middle East into blood bath.

Greetings and Support from Iran Aviation Workers in Turkey


(11.07.2012) The struggle against strike ban in aviation industry keeps on. Sacked workers continue their struggle to go back to work in International Flights Terminal. And international support for the sacked workers and protest against the strike ban keeps growing. Many organisations and trade-unions carry on international solidarity campaign. UID-DER is one of them.

What is UİD-DER and What Does It Stand For?

(23.12.2009) Our Association of International Workers Solidarity, UİD-DER, has been founded in June 2006 by Workers Self-Education Groups (WSEG) which have been active in different industries such as metal, textile, petrochemistry. Revolutionary vanguard workers who make up WSEG had been conducting work in union rank-and-file, factories, strike places for many years. UİD-DER is the fruit of this continuous work carried on in a working class discipline. And we keep carrying on our work to strengthen this base on an international level as well.

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